Learn About Your Options

Did you know the average lifespan of a home furnace is 12-15 years? If your unit is approaching or has exceeded this time frame, you are likely considering a new HVAC system. Learn how we can help you save with our rebates and special offers.

Savings & Free Offers

Your furnace is a big investment. We understand that making the right decisions today are crucial to your long-term home comfort.

Here are some of our incentives:

  • Up to $1250 in rebates & 2 year parts and labor warranty
  • Free Trane Thermostat (includes installation)
  • Up to $500 in manufacturers seasonal rebates available
 Warranty & Maintenance

To protect you from surprise breakdowns and costly repairs, we provide a comprehensive maintenance package backed up by both parts & labor warranties.

  • 10 Year manufacturers warranty (parts) on new systems
  • 2 Year labor warranty (installation) on new systems
  • 2 Years free maintenance package with new installation
  • Full service and maintenance packages available

Regular furnace tune-ups and safety checks will ensure your system is running efficiently, saving you money on monthly heating bills.

A thorough maintenance plan completed by licensed and certified technicians also secures the longevity of your furnace providing you peace-of-mind.