When you buy a Trane comfort system, you’re buying more than an air conditioner. You’re buying a commitment to your perfect indoor environment.

The Lynch Company, Inc. can offer you a wide variety of Trane whole house cooling systems, such as the variable speed 2-stage XL20i condensing unit. When matched with a Trane variable speed air handler you can achieve superior comfort while saving money and energy.

The Lynch Company, Inc. The Trane XLi and now the new XVi line of air conditioners represent a serious commitment to your comfort and peace of mind. They are some of the most advanced air conditioners Trane has ever created, and they are some of the most efficient on the market. So you stay comfortable and energy-smart in even the worst weather, year after year.

The Lynch Company, Inc. Trane’s new Hyperion air handler has been carefully designed to work as part of a Trane matched system to reduce your household energy use, and provide reliable comfort year after year. Every component of the Hyperion air handler, from the smallest screw to the revolutionary unique cabinet, has been carefully designed to deliver Trane’s legendary reliability, innovation and efficiency with your complete comfort in mind. The Hyperion’s Comfort-R technology slows airspeed during startup for quieter operation and more precise humidity control when paired with any Trane outdoor unit.

To learn more about this and other Trane cooling systems check out

Trane's new XV20i variable speed heat pump and AC systems allow you to put your system on cruise control for ideal home comfort.

Check out this video from the The Science Channel's show ‘How Its Made’, showing the manufacturing process of Trane's AC units.

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